Conference Committee

Martin Klopsch


- Rhodesian Ridgeback owner/breeder since 1981

- Founder of the German Rhodesian Ridgeback Breeder Assiciation (DZRR) in 1993

- President of German Kennel Association (VDH) - Section Lower Saxony, covering 45 clubs of diffrent breeds

- Publicly appointed and sworn expert for dogs

- Behavior therapist and certified dog trainer, authorized by Chamber of veterinarian

- Publisher of study "The effect of lgf-1 gene on the enhanced growth of Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Germany" (2013)

- Support and sponsoring studies of University of Veterinarian at Hannover, Germany: "Development of a molecular-genetic test method concerning the genetic-predisposition for Dermoid Sinus" (2014)




Dr. Cornelia Renczes




Maximilian Körner


- Breeding Ridgebacks since 1996

- Veterinary degree of the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen, Germany

- Doctoral thesis and assistant doctor at the Vetsuisse Faculty of Zurich, Switzerland

- From July on resident of the American College of Veterinary Radiology and Radiation Oncology et the Vetsuisse Faculty Zurich, Switzerland

- Papers e.g. on "Computer-Tomography-Lymphography as a Complementary Technique for Lymphe Node Staging  in Dogs with Malignant Tumors of Various Sites"





Conference Organization


Dr. Ellen Reisinger


- Ridgeback lover and owner since 2008 breeder since 2013 

- After 15 years of Management experience

- Self-employed


Ellen should be your first person you should turn to for information about your stay at Dortmund and your registration.  




Sarah Geiger

- Ridgeback lover and owner since 2008

- Since 2013 stud dog owner

- BA in Media Studies and PR Manager

- self-emplyed

RRWC Advisors & Supporters


Claudia Körner


- Veterinarian since more than 30 years
- Breeder since more than 30 years

- Breeder of Rhodesian Ridgebacks since 1996

- Author of books


Claudia supports the RRWC team with her professional knowledge of veterinary medicine and her expert knowledge in breeding.



Dr. Thomas Laube


- Veterinarian since 1987

- Breeder since 1987

- Breeder of Ridgebacks since 1991

- Since 1997 paricular focus in Dermoid Sinus

- Several publications and practical seminar on DS, surgical treatment and therapy


Thomas supports the RRWC team with his professional knowledge of veterinary medicine, esp. with his findings in studying the Dermoid Sinus.